Not moving house

Well, obviously I am not moving house, because I’ve only been in the cottage for five wonderful months. But no-one else is moving house either – it seems to me that even in Rutland, house sales are static.

Gilbert & Thomas, estate agents in Uppingham

Everyone in my village is extending, renovating, building. Next door is turning their car port into a garage and workshop. Opposite me, neighbours are building a two-storey extension at the back of their cottage. Elsewhere in the village – where there are only about 130 houses – six properties are on the market, just where they’ve been for a year or more.

Only one house has been put up for sale and was immediately snapped up within days. Why? Because it is perfect for retirement: all on one level, a nicely done 1970s barn conversion, in a tucked-away location with glorious small garden. Sensibly priced, there it was – gone!

Meantime everyone else is staying put and doing DIY! Whether your budget stretches to Gilbert‘s excellent ‘seconds’ furniture shop in Uppingham or Furleys in Oakham, I think the interiors shops of Rutland should do well as we all stay put and invest in our nests.

Furleys of Oakham